Wonder Of Love


Yes it is a wonder, that in the course of time,
that I should find a love like yours, a love so devine,
a love that is so absolute, given only once,
given for a lifetime, not for a few short months,
a love that is to die for, to honor and defend,
a love to walk along with me until the very end,
a love that is beyond, anything on earth,
a love that is full of joy, happiness and mirth,
now can I tell you what your love, really means to me,
it means that it was sent by God, for eternity,
it is an inspiration for me to be the best I can,
to be a deep loving, caring and gentle man,
it means that I have no fear of being all alone,
your thoughts are always with me, no matter where we roam,
it means that no other could ever sway my heart,
no matter where I am, with you or apart,
it means that I am yours, forever and a day,
it means that I am yours in ever single way.

written by Harry Bryant
4/24/04 6: 39: 34 PM ©

by Harry Bryant

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emotionally penned ....instantly making the reader relate to it. Thank u Sir. sathya narayana