( / Cebu City, Philippines)

Wonderful Mom

She woke up early every morning
Like an alarm clock in perfect timing
Groom her kids after preparing breakfast
And drove them to school before it raised its flag

She was always busy the whole day
Working 36 hours without any pay
Her love overflowing and never tiring
Dad and kids were her priority

She was my dearest Mom
Never ever heard her complaining
Except for her tired feet at night
I would give her a tight massage
Even if my eyes were drowling tight

Her warm hug I always remember
So cozy and comforting to my senses
She’d stay by my side when I’m sick
Her worries never tainted her pretty face

She gave us her perfect love
One that I passed on to my kids to this day
A hug each day what words can’t say
A wonderful Mom she made me what I am today.

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