Wonderful Old Photos

Looking into old boxes
Tucked away in old chests
In the attic or storage rooms
Are treasures I love the best

Grandpa as he once was
Back in his early days
Grandma standing by his side
Her sweet old-fashioned ways

Aunts and uncles and cousins
So many years ago now
Barnyards and hay fields
Photos of a horse and plow

Wouldn’t it be wonderful
If we could see them all again?
Or send a little note
Such greetings we would send

But for now at least we must
Let imaginations flow
Smile as we ponder
Those wonderful old photos!

by Marilyn Lott

Comments (5)

I love to look at the old photo's, so many memories that they hold. Now and then i go back to look, as thoughts of the past - unfold... Great read Marilyn! 10*! ! Best wishes! ! Friend Thad
Wouldn’t it be wonderful If we could see them all again............yes, this is a lovely poem
Just beautiful, Marilyn. I love N nostalgic writing. Ron
The most precious of our belongings. A lovely poem. Kind regards Ann.
very sweet and charming.....looking at the old photos always make you relive those moments.....very nice indeed.