The Capitalist Florist And A Wild Flower

'You asked my name isn't it?
My name is Orphan.' The Wild flower muttered.
'It's a strange name.' Handsome florist replied.
'What's your good name Sir? '
'I am Romeo.'
'Romeo, I am not your Juliet
Just a Wild flower and I would like to compete the other flowers.
Still I am proud of being a Virgin
Boisterous Hornets and Bees never touched me.
You know a Plectrum that touches the strings,
Strings never cry of the play
Please pluck me gently
It's really painful and I believe you
That you never betray me
Or offer me to a Betrayer!

*Humbly I dedicate this poem to my poet friend Romeo Della Valle!

by nimal dunuhinga

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