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Wonderful World Of Children
LMG ( / Glendale, Arizona, USA)

Wonderful World Of Children

Poem By Lenora M. Green

Being part of a large family
Four brothers and sisters three;
The riches of our childhood
Were the flowers, grass and trees.
The house where we lived
Was on a small country farm
But memories of our childhood there
Are of a paradise soft and warm.
All the riches of the world
Or palaces great and high
Can not compare to that home
In the green valley beneath the sky.
No toys, had we to call our own
We all just ran and played;
Yet never did we ever have
A single lonely day.
All the world we thought was ours
It lay beneath our feet
When we would walk in the woods
Among nature's beauty sweet.
Only a child can see just good
There is no bad to them,
If only adults could be this way
There would be peace among men

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