Time is a double edge weapon
Hours with you seems seconds
Seconds without you seems hours
When we are togather the time is just scanty
When we are appart the time is such a heavy time

I can spend hours just dreaming with your kisses
And we can spend just few seconds seeing each other...

I spend all day and night thinking on you
and I only thought u once...

When is gonna come the day to embrace each other?
Why are you so distant from me now?
Making me feel so alone...
Cuting my breath with your apathy,
freezing my blood with your forgotness...

At least if you could know How much I Love you!
At least if you could feel How much I need you!
but you show me that you don't care about me anymore...
All I can ask from you
is that at least tell me that you don't love any more!
At least face me to stop this pain on me!
All day long Wondering
Always Wondering
Just Wondering...

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God bless you! All the best!
confession of love raveed yet..........lamenting the love plangent, good write, thanks
such an emotional poem.... i can feel it's meaning every line & every words....
Nice poem that expresses your feelings giving a vivid picture. : -))