KB (April 27,1991 / )


Sometimes you make me wonder.
If we ever should have met.
Should I have ever held your hand.
Would I have all these regrets.
If I didn’t know you, would I miss you.
Would my heart long for your touch.
Is there someone else I’m missing.
Someone who really wants my love.
Tell me if I’m wasting my time
Tell me that you really care
Make me think you want me
Act like your actually there
Just give me a little sign
A hint that I should stay
I feel im wondering in the dark
i have nothing to lead my way
I reach out for your hand
But there is nothing I can feel
Im standing here…alone
I guess the truth has been revealed

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Comments (2)

Your words present a beautiful understanding and capacity for love. You deserve to know such a warmth in return. Thank you for a very lovely poem.
A really strong poem. Sad and moving. Thanks.