( / Cebu City, Philippines)


The bus is running
It is full of people of all ages
Some are talking
Do the listeners really listen?
Others are looking far ahead
Or do they see what is there beyond?
While others are sleeping
Are they dreaming?
Or just giving their eyes a rest
Do they know I am watching them?
Do they know I am trying to read their minds?
I may meet some of them in the next bus
Or I may forget all their faces
In between thoughts I think of you too
Wishing one of them is you
And that you’re sitting next to me
Or would you ever take a ride in the bus with me?
I am thinking where you are at this moment
Wondering how you have been
And the bus stops…
It is time to feel the real world…

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Really nice poem about watching and wondering and getting lost in it all. Nicely written and it flows so well. Thank you for sharing