' Wondering

As I sit here wondering
The purpose of it all,
Memories envelope me,
Whispers faintly call;

Youth had brought me challanges,
Equal to the task,
Inspiration guided me,
Subconsciously I'd ask

For what my heart was longing for,
Though I was not aware
The next profound experience
Would surely bring me there;

And now I find that destiny
Is knocking on my door,
But where is inspiration -
Have I time for nothing more?

Caught up in my memories,
Is that where I'll remain?
If that is all there is to life,
I'd rather be insane!


by Linda Ori

Comments (4)

Linda, a touching poem on things that I often do. Beautifully written. Top marks and thanks for sharing this my friend. Hugs David
Destiny knocks at the door when least expected is indeed most testing time and that too when inspiration is not available! Top most state of tension it is called! Profound expression of poem is most touching!
Linda, your words are so touching to read...you've expressed with full heart...a wonderful poem to share 10
Lady I think your future is as bright and alive as your poetry 10 Daniel