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Wondering About The Great Beyond
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Wondering About The Great Beyond

Poem By Helen Meaney

As I go on living without my love ones and my friends
Who had left me on the way,
I try to be strong for my love ones who have to depend on me every day.
Sometimes it is not easy. I must say.
Especially when you have a hard time, expressing your own feelings to them.
For an example when you Mother died I had different feelings than my sibling.
Which I am not saying weather their feelings are not sincere.
All I am saying poetry is my way of expressing all those feelings such as anger and fears and sadness.
I have for my love ones and my friends who has died.
It is my way of saying good bye to them.
Until we reunited once again, I will keep on wondering if they can see me from up above?
And also it they are proud of me at the things I do down here?
I will continued to make my love ones proud of me.
No matter how much I want to be with them again and how much I miss their love too.
I know there will be many more of my love ones who will
go up to Heaven before me.
But that does not mean I will stop from wondering about all these questions
I have for my love ones and my friends who are in Heaven.
For now I cannot stop loving and missing them.
When the time comes and I will be with my love ones and my friends in Heaven.
I will be happy once again!

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So basically, you're wondering if heaven is real? Don't we all kind of do that? This doesn't seem unique to me at all.