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Wondering Heart
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Wondering Heart

Poem By brittany lyon

my heart wonders
and scared
where am I
and how am I to find my way
I have lost all sense of truth
and it has taken over my spirit of happiness
why does it want to take me this way
why can I not find God
have I gone to far
have I made this my mistake for life
is their forgiveness
and how can I be forgiven
I pray to you now oh lord please for give this foolish heart of mine it is not my love it is that I am scared
scared of the pain it may cause of that other
please oh lord take his pain and let him be free with you oh lord
I am sorry for my lies to you oh lord
but what is it that I shall do
and please take my life be for my children
and put all their pain on me
oh lord I cry out to you in anyway I can
please forgive me and let me back into your kingdom
I have been gone to long and the devil has taken my truth
I feel heat in my body when I say his name
and it is because of a reason I do not know of
bless me oh lord

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