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Wondering If You Still Care
EC (07-18-1989 / Arkansas)

Wondering If You Still Care


Where did you go?
Who have you been seeing?
I haven't talked to you in so long
I think you have forgotten about me
The one I cared so much for
The one who cared for me
You even told me you loved me
Now I'm here waiting for you
Where have you gone?
We told each other everything
I even told you my darkest dreams
Every night as I go to sleep
All I can do is dream of you
I dream about you and me all over again
When I wake up I don't wanna get up
Just dreaming makes me miss you more and more
Where have you gone to?
I need to know that you still care
That you know I'm still here
I can't make it through the day without thinking of you
Bleeding on the inside cause I'm alone again
I don't feel like walking and talking to anyone
All I do is wait for you
In my room all alone thinking about the lies I've been told
You told me you loved me but now I know its just lie I have to go through
Waiting for your calls or e-mails
Every night I check just see if you have messaged me
Hoping and praying that you have
Now I see that your never coming back to me your forever gone
With out a doubt in my mind I loved you more than anyone in this world
I would have given up everything to be with you
I would have walked miles just to see you again
I just wanted to know if you still care about little ol' me

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