TS (7/28/87 / California)

Wondering Why?

I sit here looking
at the moonlit sky,
perplexed, bewildered,
just wondering why.
Why the world is
the way it became?
Why everyone here
seems to only seek fame.
All the hopes in our hearts,
all the desires in our dreams,
seemed to be set
only on material things.
The indifference and segregation
that makes humans part,
do nothing but reflect
what's truly in our hearts.
In the depths of our minds
we have so much creativity.
Yet it's cut and destroyed,
with all the outside negativity.
Why can't we shine through
and give a clue,
to what our souls
really want to do.
If it were only that easy
to show who we are,
our good intentions in life,
wouldn't be so far.
I glance at the stars
with a curious mind,
searching for an answer
that I may never find.

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Comments (2)

I agree with JoAnn! You should get these published in a Christian bookstore or something! they're awesome!
You are an awesome writer! ! ! ! I think you need to get these things published and and put into a Christian book store. Not only do you appeal to the older crowd such as myself, but you would be such an inspiration to young adults struggling in todays world. Someone to look up too. Yes we all have are 'Skeletons' but it's refreshing to know your not alone in this world of battles. Thank you JoAnn