Poem By jodi right

Over land I pass and go
Over water I sink and leave
In love I weep and despair
In life I sorrow and lose
But In mind I stay and venture
See Mind keeps me alive
For it speaks sense
And never confuses
I shall stay there and rejoice
As little voices slowly change
From hate to love
See mind keeps me from life
For life as banished me

Comments about Wondering

Very good, thought provoking poem. The otherwise normal words describing emotion come together to form complex imagery. I can see into this poem. very good
i thought i was very good, somtimes you just want to leave life altogether and to go a place with no worries, u explained it very well! !
jodi, you take us on a journey through your writing...it's a gift...thanks for sharing

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4,3 out of 5
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