some of you know the story of alice in wonderlandwith that purple cat, the selfish queen, and the crazy mad hat man.well in my wonderlandthere will always be that white rabbit that is always late andnever slows down.just like alice said what would be and what wouldn't be it wouldif I can do that is impossible, I could....grow as tall as the twin towers (before 9/11) I can be sailing into waterswhich is the tears that I have cried.instead of a selfish queen, lets have a evil queennot just a smiling cat, but dozens of smiling catsthat will not make my allergies act up.america is getting boring, but I always have a hole to jump into experience the crazy and funI wish to go to japanI'm not just a fanbut I'm getting a feeling someone there needs me and I know need thy.welcome to my wonderland my friendwearing a dress and having a story that will soon have a end.

by chella Death

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