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After the night is through
HE puts the moon and stars away.
Before we know it
sends the sun to wake the day.

HE wakens and coaxes the flowers to bloom.
Their beauty all may see.
From somewhere a songbird singing.
We hear a lilting melody.

HE adds the soothing sound
of a flowing rippling stream.
All this beaury could only be
from magic it would seem.

Listen from a newborn babe
hear its happy cries.
See HIS love reflected
in that baby's mother's eyes.

All these things are wonderous I admit.
Yet those I cherish most you see
are those wonderful gifts.
HE has given to me.

Of all these is one I find
means most to me it's true.
The love HE put deep in my heart.
That love to give to you.


by Kurt(Sam) Hearth

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