Wonders Of His Hands

My thoughts, Smiles and traits

My hands, legs and arms

Our life, our wealth, our all

All comes from you, my Lord

My ways, my deeds, my actions

Our looks, our goods, our brains

No one does it better for me and in us

Than the Lord, we serve

Take a keen look around you

All that abounds and thrives

Within and around you

Stand up in praise to his works

Even the creatures of the waters

Sing and dance to his wondrous works

As they flap their fins and arms

To praise and worship him

Different beings, unique yet distinct

He made them all, one by one

From his words, so great

And his arms, so wide and embracing

Sometimes, I just wonder about things

So strange, but so real

All from the one so great

Great wonders of his hands

So friendly, he made all

As the day bids farewell to the might

Sweet sun says adieu to the moon and stars

Oh! ! What a marvel, so real and so true

Our eyes, so bright

Sees all, with so much joy

As our hearts leap so high

To praise him, again and again

A peep into the thick of the wild Jungle

No match for his mercies, so great

As all creatures are fed and sheltered

One by one, day after day

One, two, a thousand, a million

I just can’t stop wondering

So great it is from him

Real wonders of his hands

As we navigate the turbulence of life

No guide so great, yet so correct

But that sweet direction from his words

To chart a course anew, in our lives

I just can’t stop clapping

Till my palms get weary

As I dance so hard

To keep my joy from fading

Just can’t stop smiling

Till my lips and skin, gets so enfeebled

‘Cos no one comes so close

To the wonders he showers so freely on us

As we roll our drums and cymbals

‘Cos its a great party over here

As we celebrate all through life’s time

The wonders of his hands.

by Okeke Emmanuel

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