MQ (August 15,1971 / Fort Worth, TX)


What’s that thing you do?
Oh yeah, it’s “Woo”!
A kind of voodoo
That makes me ooze
Hot on your lips like booze
80 Proof! !
from that “THING” you do.

Got my hips doin a screw
Making me crave to be with you
Starting with that ”THING” you do
Oh yeah-that thing you call Woo!

Do, do, do
On bended knees
DO love me hard
DO deal the card
DO push the bar
Daddi—you’re a STAR

Shine on me
Dine on me
Take this love and
Climb on me.
Do some real hard
TIME on me
I just want you too
Continue to woo
I need
You to feed
Me stiffer
My Cravenous Mister
Give me your Gift or
your Present
I won’t let it
Go to waste.
Woo me now
Put it in my face
Woo me tomorrow
Leave a creamy taste.

What you do
You love true
And I’m on you.
It’s that “THING” you do…
That damned infinity love voodo

Keep on woo’in me
And I’ll stay on my knees
For you-you!
Keep doin’ what’cha do.

by Monja Qui

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