I Lingered

I linger too long in the silence
I softly tread upon gossamer truths
I tip toe on fragile lies
I lie waiting in whispers
And inside I die

I live in a world of fear
That the world will discover my cave
I whimper silent tears
I run down a crashing wave
My bondage is measured in years

The simplicity of honesty had me fooled
A dark opaque veil intensely glued to my eyes
The pale face tears streaked in vain
The facade chips away over time
The story left is pain

My heart crumbles to dust
My love flew away
My tattered soul was yanked furiously down
The stories were all fairytale fiction
The flowers withered and and turned brown

The apologies pour like fragrant water
The sincerity is heard
The knife was still sharp
Blood spurt forth and flies like a wounded bird
Tattered useless bandage a billowing tarp

by Shala Drake

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It's gastly (not your poem) . We seem to have the only 2 poems with Woodchuck in the title.
If only they'd all consented to die unseen gassed underground the quiet Nazi way.