Wooden Ships

Am I forever meant to be
Torn apart by misery
When all around is ecstasy
And my soul, my soul is free.

Fresh from the garden forgotten
Fresh life from a carcass rotten
As maggots feed upon death's shroud
Life begins a new.

I shall follow the eyes of the angel who finds me
For I am lost upon my journey

Wooden ships drift upon the waves of memories retreat
Leaving me here beating my feet and laughing in the faces of those I meet
Who claim that they could never understand
How I live in the shadow of the man I am.

Are we not dressed in the dream of creation
A dream realized by the will to live.

It saddens me at times that I will never know the kiss of desert snow as a memory of my own
Yet it gladdens at times that lost within my mind the secret hard to find is there for all to know.

Dance - chance upon the midnight hour

I turn to dance - Lord Dionysus rise - be in the phoenix in my eyes.

by David Lacey

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