Woodland Night

in woods upon a moonless night
I lose myself

and just before the dark sets in
there is a hush

then memory holds me listening
to nothingness

the day has put itself to sleep
beneath a dream

the darkness traps me once again
walled in and mute

now I must slow my pace and feel
my way to home

I reach to use my hands for eyes
and stumble on

but when I find the garden gate
I see a light

and wonder was this just a dream
beyond my sight

I see the clouds go streaming by
I see the stars

I see the earth beneath my feet
a darkened sky

this is a place where I once dreamed
before the dawn

it is the place I go again
withdreams forgone

by Barry Middleton

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Comments (3)

Life seen poetically, that is as from the point of eternity.A great perception, Barry.
Entire things must be having something to do with love.Woods, dark, hush, nothingness, trap, muteness, . as if someone is asking to be absolutely lonesome and still more lonesome.All sensory inputs are being taken away.CAnnot see, cannot hear, cannot talk, So please try to recollect everything..
Barry, such a great write👍👍👍