Word Appetite

I spend most of my time
Searching for reason and rhyme
I know there are words hiding under my bed
I find hiding them between two slices of bread
They stick to the roof of my mouth
Some go north to my brain, others go south
I see words seeping out of every pore
I’m tripping on them all over the floor
They flow like tears running down my face
They wrap themselves in a lover’s embrace
If I had words for dinner
I certainly wouldn’t get any thinner
So when I eat my alphabet soup
I find myself rearranging them in a group
Words, I wear them on my sleeves
Scattered by the wind like autumn leaves
A spectrum of colors in flight
I have this enormous word appetite
Within the magic of our heart
Simple words play an important part
It’s far from fiction, far from ordinary
I dream I’ll drown in this giant dictionary
Where all the pages are stuck together
And I’ll never finish this poem, never

by Alfred Ramos

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Your appetite for words usually results in a tasty treat for this reader. Thanks for another fine tidbit.