Word Of Welcome

Yesterday a stranger came knocking at my door,
Fraught with welcome and good intentions,
But the decision to allow her entrance would not be easy,
Such sweetness and grace is indeed hard to refuse,
Still what lies behind the door must be carefully guarded,
For many have come full of empty promises,
professing words of love and understanding,
But so many times once inside,
Those words of comfort change so quickly,
Kindness turns to wrath, warmth into cruelty, love into hate.

But don't be fooled by the one who greets you at the gate.
He may scoff at you, address you with bitter disdain.
He will push you away time and time again,
He is quick to fear, faster to judge another's purpose,
Though he declares he only wants to be left alone,
It is he who bids you enter most.

by Christopher Buchheit


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