NRC (April 8,1983 / Vallejo, California.)



A poem for Peter:

I could not write
you just one poem
Nor is there enough
words in any language
to describe you.
Nor do I
have enough years
in my life to complete
such a task
You are as unique and
as each wave,
star or
silver tear of rain.
The beauty of your heart
and soul
can only be compared
to the beauty of
the neverending sea,
with it’s
foam capped waves
or the
tip toe of rain at night
or the midnight sky
bejeweled with
stars and moon.
How can I describe how
you have
touched my heart?
That is something I

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haha.. this is great piece nicoletta... you can't describe him huh? ! ... but the piece you've made was an excellent... funny idea here.. i like it.. =)