Grappling in my head
For the word to say,
When my mind goes blank.
Like a barren desert
No ideas shooting
And the old ones withered.
Not a well with water -
My lips are parched.
Sand, wind, land
Infertile and cursed
With silence.
But then
Does it really matter?
If the desert people
Hear its wordless song,
Can't you hear mine?

by Julia Klimenova

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a soundless word a wordless song the desert wind sings in silence Suchoon
Julia, sometimes when I read you I find it so amazing that English isn't your first language. Most native English speakers would give anything to be able to write something like this. Hugs Anna xxx
Julia, I can certainly relate. Sometimes a thought or idea will come out of nowhere, other times, as much as you search, you end up with nothing. Good write! Brian
When the song is freely offered, someone will hear its silent message. Warm regards, Sandra
i love this poem and i can truly identify with it....its like writer's block...personified warm regards -Dana
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