IOI (7/4/1934 / Hebburn.Co Durham U.K)

Wordpower For Bro J.T.Early

It was as a schoolboy he
became entranced by poetry
He loved the rhythm and the rhyme
which made his words keep to strict time.

His talent was quite natural
although it was unusual.
He understood instinctively,
what was and was not poetry.

He learnt with words he could command
although he did not understand.
That he was casting potent spells
which tapped into the deepest wells

of other folks experience.
But as he grew in confidence.
In time he came to realise.
His childhood choice had been most wise

and that by mastering poetry.
He’d also mastered wizardry,
he held the power to bless or curse
just by the power of his verse.

He chose to use his power for good
as any decent poet would.
So he confined his wizardry
where it belonged to poetry.

Remember poets when you write
it is your duty to delight
to educate and entertain
and never to another’s bane.


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