Poem By Alexandra Yeboah

Beautiful as a mother’s kiss,
A clear sky with cotton-candy clouds,
A lark's cheerful melody,
A flower blooming,
A vibrant sunset,
A lover’s scent,
A sweet love song,
A baby kitten,
A newborn baby,
A friend’s hug,
A wide smile,
A playful child,
An act of kindness,
God’s son;
His gift to mankind.

Destructive as a raging fire,
An avenging killer,
Rebellion against the law,
Death’s evil threat,
The spread of diseases,
Kids snatched from homes,
The Holocaust,
Virginia Tech Massacre,
Hurricane Katrina,
War in Iraq,
AIDS in Africa,
The work of sin upon mankind.

Comments about Words

Seems the first part was the positive aspects of words/life, and the second was the negative aspects of words and life, yet all allowed, though, by God. Like the other comment, very descriptive. Good job!
very descriptive..nice piece..

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