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Where do I begin…
if not with a word, or a letter or a phrase?
Could I begin with a thought or a feeling perhaps,
And would you understand?
Would you hear my message,
feel the words still left unsaid?
Or is it only understood once it’s on paper and read?

But will words say it all,
Capture my thoughts and feelings?
Or will the message get lost between the lines…
Hidden, so no eyes can see?
Will you seek to understand,
to read between the lines?
Or will you stick to the written letters on paper and banish my thoughts for all times?

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Comments (3)

Very nicely done, with feeling and structure and an understanding of how language and being human converge to form a poem like this. S x
Wow! I love this GW, you conveyed so eloquently how we can all get wrapped up in words and still not see the true meaning of what we are trying to say. Beautifully done. HG: -) xx
That is fantastic very deep how do we put our feelings down how do we show others. many times we feel as though we lack the skill to say how we really feel. To express our selfs to others to make them understand. A note a letter now a text makes it easy we don't have to explain. we can hide all our feelings just show the smallest amount. then hide away stay safe.