I am a liberal,
And I believe in big government
When it comes to economics,
And I believe in extended social freedoms.

I am pro-choice,
And I believe that woman
Should have the right
To choose what happens to their bodies,
Especially since a foetus is not human.

I am for stem-cell research,
For it may cure diseases and
Genetic disorders such
As Parkinson's Disease
And Alzheimer's Disease
And Muscular Dystraphy.

I am for gay marriage,
For gays are people,
And should have the ability
To marry the one they love,
As heterosexuals do.

I am for the First Amendment,
And the government should not
Be able to censor any form
Of the arts or entertainment,
And that people should be able
To speak what is on their mind.

I am against capital punishment,
For it is inhumane,
And prisoners who murder
Should have life sentences,
And we do not have the right
To take that person's life.

I believe in diplomacy
In foreign affairs
Because using the military
Damages the relationships
We have with other countries,
Because we are perceived as dictators
And the 'World Police.'

I believe in contraception,
For people have sex a lot,
And, so, birth control
Should be available.

I am against the Second Amendment,
For the 2nd Amendment states
That only the states may
Hold a militia,
And guns lead to violence,
And they are the reasons why crimes
Are committed,
And, therefore,
When restricted,
They cannot be abused.

I am for social programs,
For they help people that are less
Fortunate than the big, wealthy businessmen.
I mean, it is not right for
The top 1% to hold all the money,
Especially the CEO of Exxon-Mobil,
And people like Donald Trump,
And the late Steve Jobs,
And Bill Gates,
Even though he donates his money
To charities.
It is not right.
Therefore, I am for Medicare,
Medicaid, Socialised Healthcare,
Welfare, Disabilities,
Unemployment Benefits,
And all those programmes.
They help us.

I believe in taxes and spending,
Especially taxing the wealthy
Because since they have all the money,
They can contribute to our cause;
And, I believe that spending will
Help social programmes,
Especially since it is the government's
Job to help people in many ways.

With education,
I believe in the public school,
For it encompasses diversity,
And it is the universal education
That maintains an open mind.

I believe in disestablishmentarianism,
For the government cannot be run
By one religion's morals,
And thus the law and religion
Are completely different.

I believe in economic regulation,
For it is good to have those programmes,
Such as the FDA,
OSHA, the EPA,
And the USDA,
And so much more,
So that we do not damage
The environment,
And that we do not hurt workers,
And so we do not hurt consumers, either.

I also believe that there
Should be no airport security,
For it violates the right to privacy.

I also am against the American Patriot Act,
For it violates all Americans' right to privacy,
And is something like dictatorship,
And is completely wrong.

Socialised Healthcare is a good thing,
For it will ensure that all
Americans on the socioeconomic spectrum
Will get quality, affordable healthcare.
It will help a lot.

Corporations should also pay a lot of taxes,
And small businesses should be protected,
For we can sponsor entrepreneurship,
And we can regulate and expand
Our economy.

I believe in the patent,
For that allows people
To come up with ideas
In order to expand the economy,
And thus should remain that way,
So that people will put it out there.

And those are my political beliefs,
For I am a liberal.

by Justin Reamer

Comments (2)

What wise words. The poem never said is often the most beautiful poem of them all. Regards, Sandra Fowler
Beautiful, Laurence! A touch, a look, a tear can mean so much more than words. Brian