I'M Not Ready For Love

Verse 1-1

That really sounds good
but something here inside
has me wondering if I should
If I did
what would it cost me if it came to an end


Verse 1-2

Take a chance
but what if the time isn't right
and everything begins to change
My heart wants it, too bad
it's still waiting no matter
what my head may be tryin' to say

Verse 2

Sounds too good to be true
and I'm feeling alot of doubt
Took me a long time
to pick up the pieces from my last
I've played the fool, already once
swore I'd never do it twice


Im not ready for love
my heart's not in the mood
to give without a fight
Still have bagage I carry deep inside
plenty of tears that have refused to fall
Even if I said it felt right
part of me I know
would be lyin' to myself
In all honesty
can't bring myself to do or say
in all you want from me
Im not ready for love
Im not ready for love

Verse 3

I know
it's not you, it's me
Can't you understand
my whole world went to hell
And I've spent years
tryin' to find that little slice of heaven again

Verse 4-1

May sound like alot of empty words
like I haven't really thought things through
I just might be passing up
what could be--written in the stars
meant to be


Verse 4-2

I couldn't stand it
if this was all--just another one night
When few words are said, after the fact
come morning when you kiss me
tell me that you'll call
So how in the hell
can you expect me
to fall into your arms

repeat 2 times (Chorus) ...

by Daniel Wittfoth

Comments (2)

Hey Bob, you know how some religious people are so silly that they actually think anyone who disagrees with them must be the devil in disguise? How preposterous is that? They actually think there’s an invisible guy lurking around trying to trick them. See, they know the devil exists because there always seems to be someone trying to trick them, so it must be the devil because the devil is always trying to trick people, and that’s how they know he exists. If you point out that this is circular logic, they don’t understand you, and so they think you’re trying to trick them and therefore you must be the devil. You have to ask yourself how these people are able to walk and talk at the same time.
Words of truth are always powerful. God bless the poet! A ten.