Flowery words may tickle the ears; even delight the person who hears.
Flowery words are not what I choose, if you desire to just be amused.
For I am truly not a poet my friend, and poetry is not my ultimate end.
Poetry is simply my chosen venue, this to share God’s Truth with you.

The words of men who went before, these are the words I underscore.
They may not be the poet’s choice, but they echo that important voice,
That one who spoke words of Life, The Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.
Words echoed today for you and I, and this long after our Savior died.

Words of Truth are what I impart, hoping to comfort or change a heart.
Changing souls one heart at a time, for this is Christ’s humble design.
His words are not meant to enthrall, but be a hope and comfort for all.
The words not meant to entertain, but address the issue of sin’s stain.

I will continue to write as I’m moved, for friend I have nothing to prove.
And friend you have nothing to lose, as it is His Truth that you choose.
His words of Truth are tried and true, the words that I share with you.
My friend, the end of each poem, for me, is one page closer to home.

It is simply a poem at the start, but then The Spirit moves in my heart,
And The Spirit’s words fill my pen, with The Savior’s hope for all men.
As I echo all these men of the past, it is a Hope that will eternally last.
When I enter my heavenly abode, a place above I’ll forever call Home.

(Copyright ©03/2006)

by Bob Gotti

Comments (2)

Hey Bob, you know how some religious people are so silly that they actually think anyone who disagrees with them must be the devil in disguise? How preposterous is that? They actually think there’s an invisible guy lurking around trying to trick them. See, they know the devil exists because there always seems to be someone trying to trick them, so it must be the devil because the devil is always trying to trick people, and that’s how they know he exists. If you point out that this is circular logic, they don’t understand you, and so they think you’re trying to trick them and therefore you must be the devil. You have to ask yourself how these people are able to walk and talk at the same time.
Words of truth are always powerful. God bless the poet! A ten.