Poem By Kamala Das

All round me are words, and words and words,
They grow on me like leaves, they never
Seem to stop their slow growing
From within... But I tell my self, words
Are a nuisance, beware of them, they
Can be so many things, a
Chasm where running feet must pause, to
Look, a sea with paralyzing waves,
A blast of burning air or,
A knife most willing to cut your best
Friend's throat... Words are a nuisance, but.
They grow on me like leaves ona tree,
They never seem to stop their coming,
From a silence, somewhere deep within...

Comments about Words

Words come out from the depth of silence, but take a turn when they are used and applied in to suit different purposes and propositions. The poetess asking us be beware of forbids us to take them lightly as these can be volcanic and cooling too. The words come from the depth of the heart. The same too may from the heart of a lover passionately in love with.
Words, words, a tryst with words, poetical words which do not seem to be stopping, almost growing up with time just like the leaves grow on the branches of the trees and its twigs similar thew case with a poetry-writer. Poetry to put it otherwise is a trail of words and images. As the trains with the bogies tumble down so the carts of poetic images.
A unique poem! Words are, to her -" They grow on me like leaves" - how touching!
Listening sweet word running feet come in pause. A brilliant and nice poem of the day we have read.
When words juggle in the mind of a poet leaving him a little confused of which to use. Beautiful

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