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Poem By Cecilia Parkin

A word is a very
Powerful thing
Whether in quiet hush
Or resounding ring-.

It could still a storm
Or heal a child,
Banish merchants
From a temple defiled.

Words can be cruel
Or they can be kind.
Can bring either sadness
Or joy to the mind.

Words can distort
Or deceive - by intent,
Can be spoken with
'Forked Tongue' if on
Mischief bent.

So God give us grace
As we speak out each day,
That the words that we use
Are those, you'd have us say! .

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Hear. Hear. We should definitely guard our tongues sometimes, and use a little tact, which so many people don't have and offend by it. Language has become, crude nowadays, which is such a shame, as it can be very beautiful. Sincerely Ernestine.