Digital Smoke: Digital Smoke Affects

Part of my inspiration for Digital Smoke
be the Father of the Internet and Fastest Supercomputer who is Dr. Phillip Emeagwali
turning off stalking opposition with an zero
cutting off electricity to they brains like light bulb cause we don't think alike unlike me and Lewis Howard Latimer
they scrambled in static producing undesirable touches like a perverted fad smoke fags
so our best relief of high blood pressure is a glass of dark grape wine which contain potent antioxidants and that sleeping agent
laying many down to sleep like Lavender and Chamomile tea
grow your own and tea is just a word of how you make it as anything can be a tea
remember your body is just a septic tank...
remember your body is just a septic tank...
geah the Ancestors on the wall of perfection was scientifically ahead of times still to this day and night
yet clowns laugh at you and ridicule you for keeping toxins out your physical temple?
and these same clowns are holy sanctified now imagine that (echoing) ...
yeah flip the switch on which equals one
and don't be involved plus entertained in "smoke" which is an illusion and to some represents fear
unlike the indigenous young female in Afrika who created a computer chip or processor now that is an information technology movement to trend
and don't forget the "E-Market" South Korea either
and neither forget about Kia Patterson who owns a grocery franchise in Compton, California
who established another significant event in our annals which her business and economic move also helped to drop crimes and crime rates around those areas
like Tupac Amaru Shakur said "don't stop keep going...."
as positive life and positive energy never stops and will never die
fact and truth to the At Risk and Juvenile Youth brain keeps the beat in their hearts to beat stronger so when a test come time and time again they can use wisdom gained to overstand forthcoming societal problems applying solutions
like Dogon of Mali identifying stars with naked eyes...

by Cherokee Akan Ewe

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Well-thought and well-crafted. I too wrote verse, perhaps not so terse, but wondered about the gap between words; I used to like Lewis Carroll's twisted saying: Take care of the sounds, and the sense will take care of itself; or contrarywise perhaps. Does it matter? AM
a beautiful opening: '' The world does not need words. It articulates itself in sunlight, leaves, and shadows. [..] '' In ITALIAN: '' Il mondo non ha bisogno di parole. Scandisce se stesso Con la luce, le foglie e le ombre. [..] ''
Absolutely love the thoughts you placed so gently in this poem. The other side of the coin so to speak. Am glad I found you here. Thank you for sharing your silent thoughts. RoseAnn
Dana, You are an unbelievable poet. So glad I found you on this site. Edwina Reizer
You are an unbelievable poet. Glad I found you on this site. Edwina Reizer