RFS (June 23,1979 / Lapaz, Iloilo City)


Our actions would always speak louder than our words
But the beauty of words could express a language that could not be spoken by the body
A certain affirmation that could only be confirmed upon hearing demanded by everybody
Giving a rose to your woman doesn't completely speak that love that you feel
But only the words I LOVE YOU would express it regardless if its a lie or real
Words have even united a nation through the rhetoric of great leaders
Such speech written in our history books which captivated its readers
You could not apologize without saying I'M SORRY to those you harm
Words have always brought such delight making our heats feel warm
Most actions were even conceived by planning through the spoken words
Orators who move emotions or writers by pen which is mightier than swords
The spoken words would always be our medium of communication
For words would always be the language of love in my interpretation
Words would only lose its legitimate value and meaning
Without the support of actions to claim is true feeling
For most of our actions were made out of our own necessity
Our true feelings could only be expressed by words in capacity
You'll never know someone's true feelings until you hear them speak
For words would always be substantial in the knowledge we all seek
Let the words of poetry and music capture your heart and soul
Even our own God gave the command of words to create such light
For its the only language understood by those who lost their sight
Lies could sometimes undermine the truthful words we had spoken
But no matter what we've done words could always fix what was broken
By admitting the truth in all the lies of all the actions that was made
To reveal a sense of truth in our mistakes so that sins could get paid
I'm not even trying to convince you of who I really am in the words I've expressed
But I'm obliged to do so even though I also know that most of you were impressed
Let the beauty of my written words convince you of the truth of the matter
For the words I speak comes directly from the God you all call your father


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