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Hymn To Aristogeiton And Harmodius

Wreathed in myrtle, my sword I'll conceal
Like those champions devoted and brave,
When they plunged in the tyrant their steel,
And to Athens deliverance gave.

Beloved heroes! your deathless souls roam
In the joy breathing isles of the blest;
Where the mighty of old have their home -
Where Achilles and Diomed rest.

In fresh myrtle my blade I'll entwine,
Like Harmodious, the gallant and good,
When he made at the tutelar shrine
A libation of Tyranny's blood.

Ye deliverers of Athens from shame!
Ye avengers of Liberty's wrongs!
Endless ages shall cherish your fame
Embalmed in their echoing songs!

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It was so clear to visualize the many words one has to absorb in your trade. I too have written one on words. Hope you have the time to look it up. Adeline
Hello Taxi Dave and greetings from a hackney driving poet in Wicklow, Ireland like your poem Words, and the others about Lucia and life at sea. Try some where the lines don't rhyme, as this sometimes seems forced. also read each line out loud, this will show where a line is a word or half a word too long and the 'music' of the poem suffers. maybe we'll talk some more about writing while waiting on a fare. keep writing. thanks