Words can bring you to tears
Words will shape your fears
They are the vehicle of all expression
Reason lies in their possession. Words bring to all a message
Hope and joy they also pressage.
Build relationships true and kind
Set the standard of every mind. They enter in the race to thrive
To live long and stay alive
Greet each day with a perfect thrill
Make the eyes speak at will. Where would be lost so much grace
Without these changes to the expressionless face.
Words can seethe and words can chide
Words are chosen with things to hide. Words bring us through each single day
And words build the whole as we go on our way
Books are the treasure trove of the mind
Made from words of every kind. Words are inventive, creative too,
They give shape, form and meaning to all we do.
Words give pleasure - fixed beyond measure
In poetry for all to read at leisure.

by Gladys Brunell

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