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RF Rachel Fogle (July 26,1977 / Baltimore, MD)


Beauty unrestrained, captured in time,
They come from the depths of one's soul that is kepted only by a fine line.

Swaying with my pen, they drift so easily,
Words that create beauty and moments by the sea.

Proudly they bring boldness to a poem that once was raw with stain,
Change one word and in that line it will never be the same.

Torrent in it's quest to revive one's self worth,
Unequal in it's effort to heal all wombs that hurt.

Tearfully bringing someone back from misery and pain,
The Words that have measure only in the hearts of poets who can taste what love they've made.

What word will come next maybe one or a few, I might write a line, a page or two.

But, when I choose the next it will mean something to me, for in the poem the words are all that one can need.

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