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Words About Birds
DW David Whalen ( / Covington Kentucky)

Words About Birds

Tis the sight and the sound
of birds that enthralls me
They give my mind sustenance
And substance to see

Tis the peep and the patter
The quarrelsome chatter
And the fact that not a whit …
Do they care about me

As far as they’re concerned
if I don’t move, then I don’t exist
Kinda like my home situation
Only with a bird like twist

They are the essence of acquiesence
To the whims of Mother Nature
And to the oft, ugly whims
Of Human nomenclature

Prey to most creatures
that exist for predation
Dancing gingerly on razor’s edge
between surfeit and starvation

Simply a nuisance to them
Or a morsel to eat, so nice
Delightful morsels to me also
But only for my eyes

If you think that I’m crazy
And could natter on for hours
Then whatever you do…
Don’t get me started on flowers

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