AA (22/3/1989 / muscat)

Addicted To A Bad Memory

Being addicted to a bad memory is a dangerous thing,
At times more poisonous than a scorpion's sting,
Holding on to the past, refusing to let go,
Holding on tight even in the rain and snow,

It can devour you from within, memories so bad,
Shattering your spirit with thoughts so sad,
And yet sometimes sadness is addicting to the weak mind,
Weakening your body and soul until new hope you find,

The past is dangerous if looked at for too long,
For you might forget to build a future so strong,
Addicted to memories that cloud you from the future,
Ignoring the present gift of life, leading to torture,

The past can be a good lesson for you to learn,
But not an emotion to keep within and burn,
Bad memories and experiences if locked within,
Will taint and damage the soul with anger and sin,

Learn the lessons but let not the past addict you to sorrow,
Stop trying to live backwards and look towards tomorrow,
Let the lessons of each old mistake that you make,
Be the hopeful new stepping stones that you take.

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Maya Angelou

Caged Bird

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aliyah, here's a similar thought... who...? since the time i've known that i think the thought has been revolving around you i laugh with you i weep with/for you i long for you... at times you walk with me we talk into the wee hours you joke with me and even chock me but who're you? do you exist at all...?