Words And Relaxation

My words are like dynamite wick rotations releasing endorphins
Until you're feeling their pure relaxations conditioned emotions
Now completely concentrated no need for negations
Just indulge into its pure sensations by keeping pace with
My words and their vibrations in the end we're all just
Human beings trying to make ends meet
This I've had decreed now relax and take heed
Of my planted seeds of my poetry indeed
Because my words is like a saxophone seeping
From inside your bones do you not feel my undertones
Seeping-in through your chromosomes now that I have
You in the zone go ahead relax at home
No need to refract as my words takes you to a
Galactic place somewhere high in space
No matter your race heightened enlightenment
doesn't discriminate I'm trying to rock you
At your core pushing your foundations
To the limits and nothing more

Be calm and never waver let it become your
Alma mater I just want you to know that your
Life is in your hands and the cards are in
Your favor ohh what a feeling to savor
Flow like water and never wavering
Anything that comes at you just let it be
Sometimes we might get hit beyond belief
But truly you will see that you're just
That special of a human being
Truly unique have not yet reached your peak
As hearts and souls become in sync
How far will you make it?
Remains unseen but I believe that
You will succeed perhaps over-achieve
That's what I foresee I mean it times three


by Laquory Jones

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