NC (October 20,1975 / Philippines)

Words Are Powerful Tools

Words are thoughts
Written, verbalized
They serve many purpose
They carry meanings
Their weight heavier
Than the weight of gold
They can strike like a blow
They can kill like a bullet
They can wound like a knife
They can cut like a sword
But words can also sooth like a balm
They can cure like a drug
They can heal like a potion
They can mend the wound like a stitch
Words can be a weapon
It can also be a trap
Words convey our thoughts
They are reflections of our inner world
They mirror the feelings in our heart
They show our character when we utter them
Words are inanimate
But they have power over our minds
They can move us into action
Depending on how they are use
Words are poowerful tools
That should not be abused

by Nudershada Cabanes

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