Words Are To Communion What The Sky Is To The Stars.

Communication and Communion
are fundamentally different.

Communication is logical and practical,
a linear form of human intercourse.

But of itself it lacks the power
to convey the deepest hopes
and yearnings of human existence.

But the words of love expressed normally
articulates and communicates
deepened level of intimacy and union.

Word of love evokes occasions of communion.

It is a mode of knowing not wholly
available to what can be communicated
in quantitative, verifiable forms.

Words are to communion
what the sky is to the stars.

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We worship you.)

by Dr. Antony Theodore

Comments (4)

Beautifully inscribed. A brilliant poem has been shared. Thank u sir.
Yes, Tony! And even the inspired gushing of words is eloquent, moves us, not in the words themselves, but in the fullness of feeling and suggestion we sense has made them fountain up. -Glen
An eloquently written poem... each line so true.
This is splendid! A 10 it is!