Words Can Be So....Wrong.

Many years of crying watching others fall apart
Standing on the sidelines and not trying to change of heart
Doing so many untruthful things I wish to take away
I wish the rain would cleanse me as it fades away the pain
I’m like a crow surrounded only by droves
Winter, fleeing south unknowing if I should
Its complicated, It’s like a nightmare that can’t end
When the pressure slams on you, you crumble like crackers in a hand
Your feeling so doubtable since no one can see your side
You’re wishing terrifying, hurtful things that could ruin your life
Its hard believing that you’re something when others think you’re wrong
Its hard standing back up after years of being beaten on
If not physically, then mentally from what others make you feel
Sometimes the words hurt so badly that the fire seems so real
People don’t know the way they act could change or destroy someone
So you should always watch what you do and say to make yourself look strong
The biggest man with the biggest muscles isn’t the strongest man
Strength comes from the way you handle things in all categories able to stand
So you may look mighty and extremely powerful
But are you able to handle the strain when your muscles are let go?
Do you know what you are doing, are you treating others right?
Are you aware your actions could save them or take away their life?
A simple rejection, of a simple dance
Could fully change a person when it comes to them with romance
Some people feel lonely like there is no one in their lives
Some people get uncontrollably when they have no one by their sides
Sometimes I feel this way since I feel so guilty now
I feel sympathy for all the people I let down
I promise I will change, joking is not a joke
I could have servile hurt someone and wouldn’t even know
People hurt me all the time and I just try to brush it off
But they don’t understand that I’ve been falling apart
Words can only tempt me to try to be right or wrong
So watch what words come out and where they’re coming from

by Sugar Bear

Comments (2)

Very insightful. True words spoken. Words that flow from our lips either poisionous darts or flames of joy. Patricia
A take on the power of words, that they may inflict more damage than any punch or kick to a human being - serviced bullets straight to the heart, some of them. Killers. Poison. But they can also be uplifting, they can be pyrotechnics in a bleak night, they can be that singular happy moment in a Holocaust. An interesting read. - K.