Words Cant Express.......... The Big Question

Baby words cant express how you make me feel
I know this time that its the real deal
You stole my heart not once but twice
I gotta admitt it felt rather nice
I know deep down no matter what we go through
The out come we'll always be me and you
We've had our ups and our downs
But we always found a way around
I need you to know just how i feel
Because i know this is the real deal
Everything i do is all for you
Your my guy you make my every dream come true
I love you from the bottom of my heart
But you've known that since the start
So i ask on this very day
Will you make me your wife someday?

by amanda mangano

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And a great answer to a big question like 'Can you write an excellent Poem'. Lovely warm sentiments in this one.I hope that it all works out for you both.Love Duncan