Words For Her Birthday

You know sometimes you see the moon and it shines so bright,
Well mom thats kind of like your smile,
It is so radiant that you spread your joy wherever you go,
You are my shining moon and in my heart you will forever glow.

You are one year older but I see no difference,
Your beauty is magnificent and your personality enhances it,
The way you give and the things you do,
Mom God has blessings for you- all your life through.

Sometimes I can be so misrable and disgusting too,
Mom, I'm sorry for every wrong that I do,
Whenever I'm upset because of you and we fight also,
Remember that I'm mssing you and somehow I love you even more afterward.

I do not have the words to explain how thankful I am for you,
But God knows that I am truly grateful for a mother like you,
Someone like you,
To care and protect me like you do.

Times may have been hard and I was too young to help you through,
It makes me sad that I could not have been there for you,
But I'm here now & I will always be,
By air or by sea- if I am ever far away and you need me...
God knows I leave everything for you mommy.

Please don't be down because you are one year older,
*smile* You should rejoice that God brought you one year further,
What would I do if you weren't here today,
I thank God for your birthday...

I want you to enjoy every moment today and the rest of your life,
Remember that your daughter loves you,
I look up to you and what you have become,
You are my role model and my best friend,
I know you hate to hear it but its the truth...
I'd give my life for you

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