The Mystical Sunset

The whiff of the cool sea breeze,
As i enjoy my walk at ease,
Brings memories of yesteryears,
Often filled with joy and sometimes tears.

The sight of the setting sun,
Engulfed by the waves but none,
Always so delightfully artistic,
Which unfolds a tale so mystic.

The parrots fly past me in flamboyance,
So do some eagles with elegance,
The grace of the Almighty is everywhere,
That divine peace is now here.

The clouds reflect the golden hue,
Bordered with gray and blue,
There lies heaven in our very skies,
So why wait for the travel until one dies.

The setting sun is a graceful sight,
The union of every day and night,
And everyday a new tale is told,
And it's just up to us to decipher and unfold.

by Deepak Calyampoondi

Comments (2)

.....amazingly penned..I am in Awe.... I wish to write a poem as wonderful as this one ★
Wow this poem is so long but it seemed short becoz it is splendid