(June,1943 / Saint John, New Brunswick, Canada)

Words From The Eternal Master

Beingness IS.
Love IS.
All that is IS.
All that ever was IS.
All that ever will be IS.

Love IS.
Here IS.
Now IS.

Life is the experience of love,
No matter on what plane,
No matter in what dimension,
No matter what!

Beingness is lovingness.
All experience love
In beingness.

That which is beyond
Cherishes lovingness.

Cherish these words -
They are love.

May the blessings just be!

Love to all!

© M. Barrett – all rights reserved

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Comments (12)

Hi Heather, thanks for your input, much appreciated! I've not been too active in this site this year, but somewhere down the road I'll be back. Other priorities presently consume my attention. Cheers!
life is love and love is life. without love there is no life excellent thoughts
Hi Rubab, thanks for your input. I'm please that this poem touched your higher self. I find life an amazing voyage.....we all have so much to learn and share with each other. Cheers!
a beautiful and a very uplifting poem...enjoyed it..
Unwritten Soul, thanks for your input, I see us as kindred Spirit, kindred soul. Cheers and best wishes throughout 2014. Cheers!
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