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Words I'D Never Voice
NAB (New Years of 1983 / North Carolina)

Words I'D Never Voice

Days pass by like years
I can't seem to hold back these sharpened tears

Which cut through my cheeks leaving just enough space
For you to see my second face

The one which keeps all my secrets and fear
And when you see me in this light I can feel my heart just sear

Then burst into open flames
I swore to myself I'd never change
But I'll pretend so that nothing seems strange

Everything will be ok and its not that I don't love you
And its not that I feel bad just not the same when I hug you

But I'll always care even if its not quite the same
And when I kiss you I pray it'll bring back that flame

I'll feel it one day but I'll wait till I do
Just know I care and I'll always love you

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