Words I'Ve Written With My Pen

I've always written for myself,
then put my words upon a shelf.
With the exception of a time
when I sought a love, to be mine.
Then I shared what I wrote for them,
Alas, this love I could not win.

Broken I vowed to write no more,
I walked away; just shut the door.
Now I'm old and over the hill
I think I will write, yes, I will.
I'll take a class to teach me how
I'll take my pen and start right now.

Poets awards I may not win
for words I've written with my pen.
Still I’m recording for all time,
the thoughts that seep into my mind.
Someday a class may debate about
What secrets my pen, let sneak out.
While I will chuckle in my grave
For I was seeking a good grade!

by Emma Beverage

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