DZ (It was many and many a year ago / In a kingdom by the sea)

Words I Would But Will Not Say

Oft' I wait across the way,
Staid nerves defy my flustered heart
With words I would but will not say,
So steel my tongue before I start.

And while I know what I intend
In wanting what can never be,
As words would form - they do amend:
I'll speak not them nor forsake thee.

Within such silence I would oath,
Though grammar has eluded me,
To form a sentence without mouth -
Expressing thoughts that should not be.

And though in saying, truths appear,
And longing, letters could transcribe,
This heart is as a crystal, clear,
And nothing more could words describe.

-May 25,2005

by David Zvekic

Comments (3)

This is another good one! I personally use Thee, Thy and Thou in mine occasionally, depending on the 'drivel effect' I want; -) All the best. Ronberge.
Lamont Palmer would really hate my poem 'Where Exaltation Bides' then. Not only did I use the word 'thee' but I also used the word 'thy'. Certainly it is twice as drivelous for it.
This is very beautiful. Many love poems end up just like the rest but you've managed to create something very unique. Nice job. Sincerely, Mary